Monday, June 20, 2016

I Just Got Fired: What’s Next?

“Getting fired for having integrity or being a thought-leader is probably the best thing that can ever happen to someone because it frees you to move into the next opportunity when you may never have been willing to jump ship on your own.” – Heather Manley

To get fired is a set expression and it means that you lose your job, you are dismissed from your responsibilities.

Losing your job is not the end of the world; hence one should not curl up and die or stay in bed depressed, as a new door always opens up when one door closes. You only need to look very well in order to see the next open door which has been waiting for you to discover.

People get fired for different reasons, and sometimes it could be for no fault of theirs. Currently, in Nigeria, organizations are laying off people due to the economic recession the country is facing. In some cases, organizations close down completely, laying off both performers and non-performers. People also get fired for not delivering on their responsibilities and meeting set targets and objectives. People get fired when they fall out with their bosses. People get fired when there is a new boss who just joined the organization and he/she wants to pick his/her own team. Whatever might be the reason for being fired, one thing that should come to mind is that ‘this is not the end of the road of life.’

When one looses their job, the first thing that needs to be properly managed in order to survive is their emotions. How this emotion is managed could make or mar the person involved. The shock of the experience and fear of the unknown and uncertainty of the future could lead to depression and brain block. This is the moment to see the positive side of the experience, and not dwell so much on the loss. The tendency for one to be ashamed of the experience is also very high, as some of the remaining employees will take it upon themselves to tell you “sorry”.  If you allow the “sorry” message to stick, it would weigh you down; hence, you need to respond by saying that you are not the first person to experience being fired. Let them know that your focus now is on your next steps and not worrying over spilt milk, and would be glad if they can support you in focusing for the future.

As soon as you have sorted out your emotions, it is now time to start over with your plans for the future. I would recommend you sitting down with a book to analyze what might have led to your being fired. The purpose of this exercise is to guard against such in future. This meditation and planning moment is when you need to re-evaluate yourself and experience, and then decide your next line of action. Do you want to seek another job or better still venture into a line of business? If your decision is to venture into a line of business, then you need to engage in some serious research to find out how to set up the business and also succeed in it. However, if you need to seek another job, you should review the gaps identified from your analysis of why you were fired in the first place.

Knowing these gaps will enable you develop plans and actions to remedy them. Make note of the good and negative lessons learned from your lost job in order to frame how you would tackle similar situations in your new job. When you attend interviews, be sure to expect to answer the question, why you left your last job. Let your answer be true, short and as positive as possible.  Don’t go into very long stories of why you left. Find the positives in the negatives. Don’t make the reason of why you were fired about you or your performance, but about the job or the department you worked for.

This is an opportunity for you to rebrand and position yourself for greater challenges in the job market. Get a mentor, coach or a friend to assist you with outlining your past achievements, which will be used to rework your Resume, and update your LinkedIN profile in order to make it attractive to Recruiters.

As soon as your personal marketing tool(s) are ready, the next thing is for you to analyze your network and reach out to contacts that can assist in getting another job.  While waiting to be invited for an interview for another job, you can start working on developing new skill(s) or improving on skills that you lack based on your previous gap analysis. There are several free as well as online tools to enable you acquire relevant skills for your future job. You could also volunteer for organizations and companies to acquire relevant skills.

Analyze your savings (if any) and your expense. This is the time to delay some expenses and renegotiate any debts pending when you get a new job or means of income. Consider a part time job or vocation in order to keep busy while waiting for the desired job.

“Getting fired is never as horrible as it seems at first, especially if you use the time to pursue a new chapter in your career.” – Derene Brox.

I look forward to reading your comments, and/or answering any question(s) you might have on this issue.


  1. Hmmmm.... This article will really heal so many troubled mind/heart. Thank you once again mentor. I have been sacked twice and this happened not even in my HR profession but while i was still teaching in private schools. They sack without care, once they dont like your face any longer and once yku are not on the same page with them. If i must tell you it was a very terrible experience. It was hell staying at home for 4 month, those 4 months made me stronger and i learnt. There is always a reason for everything in life. I do believe in natural law. Thank you Mr Emmanuel. Omotola ACIPM ACIA

  2. this is great how u wish everyone will know this great truth. Well I have not experienced such and am still on the process of going to the top. This blog is a light to my path sir. God bless you sir.

  3. This is a good write up at a time like this. This is because many people are facing this right now in the country. Thank you for enlightening us. Remain blessed.

  4. innocent okechukwuAugust 6, 2016 at 1:52 PM

    Sir you said something about bringing out the positive out of the negative. How can one defend being fired for a mere accusation on something your innocent about?

  5. Great box of knowledge about being reignited again against all odds, a well articulated piece of advise on the next level as regards building a new path of career ahead. Thanks Sir this is well assimilated!

  6. Wow! wow!! love dis article it's great, giving me a cool relief in my troubled heart and answering d question "Why". Thanks to God for meeting u sir it's a great pleasure. Sonia

  7. Wow! Dis is so educative and a relieving word to unknown questions in d heart of so many frustrated graduates out there. Tankz to God for meeting u sir, cos i kw dat so many unanswered questions in my heart ll av solution. It's a pleasure sir. Sonia

  8. This was very helpful. I just stopped working at my previous work place because I felt I could do greater things. The job I was doing wasn’t as challenging as I would like it to be and for these couple of days I feel like I made a terrible mistake but this article has made me realize that I did not.

    Thank you Sir and I would really be honored to have you as a mentor.

  9. Mind uplifting. Hope to return with positive testimonies soon.

    1. Mind uplifting. Hope to return with positive testimonies soon.