Monday, August 26, 2019

Why does my brain feel so taxed?

When our brain is misused, the resultant effect is that we would begin to feel exhausted in addition to loosing concentration.

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to get most of your tasks completed? It could be that you are using your brain the wrong way!

I recently began the study of how my brain works through the eyes of David Rock, the author of the book "Your Brain at Work" and I am learning so much.

Today, I would be sharing some of the surprises I learned about my brain and things I can do to get better.

1. Conscious thinking involves deeply complex biological interactions in the brain among billions of neurons.

2. Every time the brain works on an idea consciously,  it uses up a measurable and limited resource.

3. Some mental processes take up a lot more energy than others, which is why one feels tired and exhausted after certain mental exercise.

4. The most important mental processes, such as prioritizing, often take the most effort. I can see why planning takes up so much time in addition to depleting ones brain power.

The following things can help in overcoming these challenges:
1. Think of conscious thinking as a precious resource to conserve.

2. Prioritize prioritizing, as it's an energy-intensive activity.

3. Save mental energy for prioritizing by avoiding other high-energy-consuming conscious activities such as dealing with emails.

4. Schedule the most attention-rich tasks when you have a fresh and alert mind.

5. Use the brain to interact with information rather than trying to store information, by creating visuals for complex ideas and by listing projects.

6. Schedule blocks of time for different modes of thinking.

Put these lessons in practice throughout this week and share your feedback in the comments section. I would love read how you felt applying them.

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  1. Wow,good to know! I was beginning to think I had a problem! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Emmanuel for sharing this great insight about our brains. I learnt a lot

  3. Thank you Tosin for taking time to read through. #HRwithEM

  4. Thank you @enmichael for sharing this great piece. I have learnt and practicing... #HRwithEM