Monday, October 21, 2019

We Are Sales People by Birth - Myth or Fact?

We are all born sales people, just that we fail to realise it on time.

In order for us to make money, we must sell something. We actually do sell things to make money, it's just that we fail to realise that what we do each day is selling something in exchange for money.

Take a look at this scenario.

We started selling from birth:
- mother loves her quietness
- baby needs food to be healthy and calm

A new born opens their mouth to cry, signaling to mother that for you to have your quietness, you need to feed me.

Mother rushes to feed baby. Baby stops crying. Mother can now enjoy her quietness.

Mother got value (quietness). Baby got paid (food).

Selling is simply convincing the other party that they can get value from what you have to offer by them paying for it.

Baby offered mother quietness for a fee, mother paid and got what she wanted. To continue to have such quietness, mother will continue to pay. This I believe was the beginning of retainership.

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Image credit: Brian Tracy

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