Monday, August 17, 2020

8 Tips To Ace Interviews

Interviews are opportunities for you to shine and convince the recruiter and/or hiring manager that you are the right fit for their need.

However, experience has shown that some candidates have what has been termed "interview phobia".

Following the request from one of my subscribers to this blog, below are eight tips that can help you ace any job interview:

1. Make sure you get hold of the job description (JD) from the company.

2. Study the JD very well to understand the responsibilities required.

3. Make a note against each responsibility with an example of how you have accomplished that in the past.

4. Also make a note against each of the person specifications and state how you meet those requirements.  

5. When asked, "tell me about yourself", tell them about your work experience that is relevant to the post.

6. When asked, "why should we hire you?", show them that you have done what they are looking for in the right employee by pointing out what the ideal candidate is expected to do and how you have done it or know how to do it.

7. Research the company extensively, and know their vision, mission, core values, management and financial size (especially how they make money).

8. When asked, "if you have any questions", ask:

A. Who you would report to and if there are people reporting to you (that is, if this was not provided).

B. Ask if this is a new role or an existing role. If an existing role, ask if they are willing to share why the last occupier left. Why? So you can avoid their mistake if it was their fault.

C. Ask them what success on the position looks like for the successful candidate. 

I wish you success in your next job interview. Keep me posted on as you practice these tips. I would love to read from you. 

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