Monday, March 29, 2021

Must Performance Development/Management Cycle include "REWARD or RECOGNITION"?

Performance Development Cycle

Rewards and Recognitions are not always in cash.


This could be a simple thank you or certificate of appreciation/recognition issued to the best-performing employee especially during these trying times.

As professionals in the field of equipping line managers to inspire their teams to productivity, we should not always think "cash" when we need to reward or recognize employees - let's be creative. Although cash is good, the satisfaction life-span of cash is limited to 30 days (next paycheck) - a discussion for tomorrow.


Reward and recognition should be tied to the overall performance of the organization and not just to individuals. If one person performs and the others fail, the whole has failed. This should also be budgeted for (proportionate to company overall performance), to avoid situations where the HR Manager is asking for such out of the blue.


If the reward and recognition criteria are made transparent, the question of whether it's a right or benefit would have been addressed. In my opinion, it is not automatic but a "conditional benefit."


What’s your view? See you in the comments section.



PS: This post was inspired by a question from my LinkedIn connection, Victor. 

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  1. Thank you for this write up, it's really enlightening.

    Sir, from the fourth paragraph, in a situation where an employee is part of a team and is the only one that carries out duties and responsibilities in order for the team to succeed, without much support or efforts from team members, Can't the employee be identified and rewarded alone?

  2. This is quite enlightened, sir. As you have said in the 2nd paragraph " If one performed and others failed, everyone has failed" is a real benchmark all HR should always focus on.

    Thanks so much, sir.

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