Hi friends! My name is Emmanuel.

I am a career and business mentor. I help careerprenuers create their career development plans, so they are able to clarify their career options and achieve their career goals.  I also help micro, small and medium enterprises develop and implement exceptional employee experience across their employee life-cycle, so they are able to enhance productivity and boost revenue.

If you have found yourself confused about what career choices to make in life or not sure why you are not able to secure your dream job(s) or even being invited or succeeding at interviews for a job, you are not alone.

As a micro, small and medium enterprise, you are faced with the challenge of growing your business and it seems that you are not able to get the right commitment from your employees. You also seem handicapped due to limited finance and not able to invest in your employees like the large corporations. I have good news for you. You can do a lot with the little you have which would turn your fortunes around.

I am a globally certified human resource professional with multiple awards and recognition, and have spent the last decade and half perfecting my skill in career management and leading people operations in various organisations across multiple sectors.

As an expert in managing people and organisations, I know the challenge careerprenuers and oganisations face when they have the desire to excel.  And I want to save you all the hassle and struggle I and the organisations I have worked with had had over the decades.  Click here if you want to learn about my career journey up to this point.

This brings me to the main reason I've created this blog. I want to help careerprenuers who want to accelerate their careers but don't know how. I also want to help organisations who want to create exceptional employee experiences but don't equally know how. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get these delivered to your inbox every single week.

I host a live #HRwithEM session every Saturday on Twitter at 4pm WAT. Click here to follow me, and please ensure that you turn on notifications so that you know when I go live.

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